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Axios (Napa)
Kalaris (Napa)
Worthy (Napa)
Truth (Napa)

Axios 2008 Tasting Notes:

2008 AXIOS exhibits a deep magenta color, and brilliant clarity with a thrilling complex bouquet of crushed blueberry, blackberry, black current, dark cherry, stone, slate and graphite.
On the palate, impeccably balanced with well integrated fruit and dusty tannins, displaying rich black fruit and beautiful minerality. The finish is penetrating, lasting over a full minute.

This Axios is the
best example of my mission to produce a wine of classic bordeaux  structure will maintaining the richness of it's California upbringing to date. The wine will offer hedonistic
pleasure in its youth and will continue to reward patients and cellaring for decades.

Gus Kalaris- Vintner/Owner


 Kizakura PURE (12/300ml)
Kizakura Carbonated (12/300ml)
Kizakura Stars (12/300ml)
Sawanotsuru Genshu
Sawanotsuru Genshu (12/720ml)
Rokkasen Junmai (30/180ml)
Rokkasen Rose (30/180ml)
Aladdin Junmai Shu (12/300ml)
Aladdin Nigori (12/300ml)
Kagatobi Jun Gin (10/300ml)
Kudoki Jyozu Ginjyo (20/200ml)
Yuzu Shu Homare (12/300ml)
Tokuri Ikkon Daijinjyo (20/180ml)


All of the wines are made by Bob Egelhoff. Gus Kalaris assists and decide on the final blends. Axios comes from proprietary sources, all hillside and mountain fruit which are farmed by us or to our specifications, all at a substantial premium of course. The grapes are hand sorted and wine is aged in apx 70% new French Oak for about 22 months before bottling. We produce about 4000 cases of Napa Cabernet at this level and only choose the best of the best every year for the Axios bottling which ranges from 400-500 cases a year.

The rest of the wine becomes the nucleus of Worthy Sophia's Cuvee, which is a tremendous value because of the process. We also blend in additional Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux varietals from grapes purchased specifically for Worthy Sophia's Cuvee. Sophia's cuvee production levels are as follows- 2008/ 4,921cs, 2009/ 3,658cs, 2010/ 7,818cs, 2011/(EST) 1800cs, 2012/(EST) 12,000 cs.
Worthy Five Clones Sauvignon Blanc is a blend of five clones of Sauvignon Blanc always from the same single vineyard in Yountville. Again Proprietary. These grapes have been perfect regardless of vintage. The wine is fermented in Stainless steel and aged in Stainless steel barrels. Production is as follows- 2009/ 1493cs, 2010/ 1402cs, 2011/1436cs

Kalaris Chardonnay 2011 comes from the Red Hen Vineyard in the Oak Knoll district of Northern Napa. Barrel Fermented , lees stirred , and aged in French Barrel's for 9 months. Production was 325 cs
Kalaris Pinot Noir is from a proprietary source from the southeast part of the Sonoma Coast Appellation. Gus purchases from Block's selected by Bob, and farmed to his specifications. The wine is a blend of the Pommard clone and clone 115. Grapes are hand sorted, and gently punch down to carefully extract maximum flavor. The wine is aged in 1/3 new French Oak for 18 months. Production is as follows- 2010/370cs

Truth NAPA 2010 is a Bordeaux varietal blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, 11% Petite Verdot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 9% Malbec. (10% Axios , 100% Napa Valley ). 1/2 New French Oak for 15 months. 2800 cases produced.



 Gary M. Hayes
Wine Consultant
(WSET Level III Advanced Certification with Merit) 



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